8 Pictures that will reveal the truth behind Glamour which is very Embarrassing.

There are many embarrassing moments that we have seen in a celebrity’s life like fall on ramp walks, wardrobe malfunction but today we will tell you about the awkward and embarrassing moments about some Hollywood celebrities.

  1. When Emma Watson got confused between Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel on The Tonight Show.

That moment was really embarrassing that you could see it on her face when she realised that she did something wrong. The incident was that she said that she loved Jimmy Fallon’s “I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy but later she realised that it was Jimmy Kimmel.

  1. It hurts When Julianne Moore Wore heels that day.

That was really embarrassing when your attention get diverted to your heels because of some silly things on Red Carpet.

  1. Despacito disowned by Justin Bieber.

We all love Justin Bieber. Although we have seen a lot of embarrassing moments of him but this time he forgot lyrics of his own Despacito in a concert where the audience caught him humming anything.

4. When Ariana Grande was almost got run over by Victor’s Secret Angel on the runway.

Ariana got knocked off by this model who has lost the measurements when our little Ariana was walking the ramp and posing.

  1. Zac Efron accidentally dropped a condom at the Lorax Premiere.

Can anything be more Embarrassing than this for a celebrity? But he pulled it off together and managed to laugh it off.

  1. Something started dripping between Christina Aguilera’s legs.

It was latterly announced by the media that it was tan liquid spray that was dripping when she was giving a tribute to Etta James.

  1. The La La Land and Moonlight mix up at Oscars.

Nothing can surpass those few embarrassing and awkward moments. Like you announce a winner, they go up the stage and start giving their acceptance speech and then you are told that their win was a mistake. It just took away the limelight from the win of Moonlight.

  1. Beyonce’s hair caught up the fan while her performance.

There are many moments in every performers life when you have two option One to give up and other one is stay and perform we are very proud that Beyonce had chosen to stay and perform because the Show must Go On!


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