Alarm can be dangerous for your health…

We all need alarm to wake up in the morning. Alarm is always in the news for one or the other reason. Alarm tone can be dangerous for you. Many questions come in our mind when we think of this:

  • Can alarm be dangerous for our lifestyle?
  • Are we doing any mistake?
  • Do this affect our health?
  • Is there any other option?

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There are many questions whose answer we don’t find. Let’s know the truth behind it.

We repeat this mistake everyday

Nature had made humans intelligent and with time they are getting more and more intelligent. We all are not able to sleep like before. Our lifestyle is becoming worse day by day as we live in stress.

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Waking up with alarm’s voice is good or bad

All have different perspectives about it something it’s wrong and some thing it is right. Waking up with alarm is wrong, our body is less active when we are sleeping. When alarm rings randomly, our internal body gets affected and it takes some time to get back normal. Our body is affected by alarm tone and can harm our brain.

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You must have noticed that when alarm rings we wake up with a shock and this thing can be dangerous for our health. We should wake up naturally.

Is there any other option?

If you can’t wake up with alarm then do these settings in alarm.

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  • Set any song as alarm tone which has low sound in starting
  • Keep the voice of alarm low
  • Keep your alarm away from yourself so that you don’t wake up with a shock
  • Try to sleep early so that you wake up early and naturally



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