You! Dirty mind | These crazy paintings will make you…

Paintings are the best way to express an emotion and Kids are the most innocent creatures in this world. And trust me we were too this innocent, but not anymore. To prove this we have few paintings drawn innocently by kids, which will make you realize you have a dirty mind.

1.Teachers should give spelling lessons.

Or the adults with dirty minds would interpret that very wrong. These innocent kids would never know why their paintings are laughed at.

2. That volcano is now erupted.

Dirty mind, what have you thought? It’s just like other paintings kids draw. With the only difference that this mountain went too long and slender.

3. Santa have BIG gifts

I’m not too sure what the kids wanted to draw, but I assure you it’s not what your dirty mind is perceiving.

4.This is a Lighthouse! such a dirty mind you have

That seems to be really erect to me. The fact that the girls are so happy, sidetracked my mind. If the kids hadn’t drawn the sea, I could have never figured that out.

5. It’s a whistle 

The whistle though is too big to fit in his mouth. Everything else seems just fine, but why the kid had to draw that the big face with a whistle in its mouth. Hope it blows well.

6. His hard work of making turntables should be appreciated

See that innocent look on his face? Again, it’s really hard to believe, catch those are actual turntables. God knows what he will turn into once he grows up.

7. He can shoot a long way

This is the most hilarious in this list. I know what your dirty mind is cooking, but he tried drawing a waterpipe.

8. According to her, Scissors look like this at 5

Only when she grew up, she realised she was not a good painter at all.


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