Modi has lost confidence among Rural Farmers, can get massive defeat in 2019 elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi got massive support of Indian farmers in the 2014 general election. But the situation in 2019 Lok Sabha election would seems to be entirely different.  Crash in commodity prices and surging fuel costs stoke anger in the countryside. This  reason has acted as an CATALYST in waning MODI’S popularity in Rural India.
Four years ago, Modi led BJP showed an outstanding performance by sweeping Lok Sabha election in  Uttar Pradesh (India’s most populous state),winning 73 out of 80 seats, by  promising farmers to pay higher crop prices which congress led UPA failed to give and on former’s promise, farmers vote turned out at higher percentage in BJP’s favour.
Now, facing criticism for not improving living standards of the farmers in the Rural India,  where 70% of India’s 1.3 billion people live, analysts and farm economists said Modi would find it hard to repeat the feat in a general election due by May 2019.
While it is not possible to predict election results in India, because religion and caste remains important issues for creating polurisation effect,  but interviews with some of the state’s millions of farmers suggest rural anger could cost the government dearly.
According to the sugar cane grower Uday Vir Singh (Farmers leader and Representative) “Modi promised to double farmers’ income but our earning has halved because of his apathy and anti-farmer policies.”And this time farmers can’t be befooled by making illusionery promises and will vote according to the functioning of BJP government.
Nearly half a dozen farmers sitting with Singh on a hand-woven rope cot, and many of others in Kairana – which elected a joint opposition candidate from a small regional party in a key by-election this week – accused Modi and the Uttar Pradesh administration, also run by the BJP, of failing to live up to their promises and overlooking the concerns of villagers.
“Modi is a very good salesman but we are not going to fall prey to his glib talk again,” said 55-year-old Narendra Kalhande, who grows cane on his 2.5 acre farm
Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh defended the government’s record( as the political leaders generally do) by quoting various initiatives government has launched on irrigation, crop insurance and electronic trading platforms for farmers to sell produce
No doubt, there was a wave for Modi in 2014, but farmers are disenchanted with him now and farmers have already given 48 months to PM Modi to deliver what he promised to AGRI-COMMUNITY, but expectation from government functioning have not hit the benchmark even which was set up by BJP itself. And farmers suicide at large scale is adding fuel to this Modi-Farmers engagement and will put a ”DENT on BJP’s votebank in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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