No Bucks? Don’t worry you can still buy Royal food in these 8 ways

Food is life and who doesn’t want to get the most of taste without burning their pockets. So here are a few tips to help you eat the best food without wasting much money.

1. Don’t shop when you are hungry

You must have noticed that when you are really hungry you want to eat high-calorie food. And we end up buying a lot of them wasting unnecessary money.

2. Make a grocery list beforehand and stick to it.

Well, it’s nothing new that we all have our strictly budgeted grocery list. But that is not going to help you save money until and unless you stick to it without changing your mind at the shop.

3. The vegetable scraps can be reused.

You can make a flavourful and delicious broth from the vegetable leftovers or a salad using broccoli stalks.

4. Use more coupon or cashback apps.

If you have been into the coupon cashback thing, then you know how easy it is to save a few bucks. You may either collect the coupons before you shop or scan your receipt after shopping. Either way does saving at the very fast.

5. Don’t go craving for unseasonal food.

If you want strawberries in summer, of course, you need to pay more money. You won’t even be able to eat that because it won’t taste good anyway.

6. Try buying grains from bulk bin stores.

It is wise because you get exactly the amount you are willing to pay for, without having to go through all the extra packaging charges.

7. Get your spices from an actual spice shop.

If you buy them from the market, you are most likely to get the ground spices which become stale very early, even before you end up using them. Instead, go for whole spices as they will stay with you longer.

8. Grow your own herbs

Even if you do not have space for vegetable gardening you can just grow staples like parsley, basil, or rosemary. Eat these to detox your body once in a while and cut back on your money.


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