These 12 Dressing rules will surely boost your personality

Your dressing sense reveal a lot about your personality. Any image builder will firstly change your Dressing sense. “Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.”so there are some rules through which you can enhance your dressing sense.

1.Do not let your middle button of jacket open

These are the rules that you must follow to stand for a different personality. the last button should be kept open, the middle button should be kept shut and the upper one depends on your mood.

2. Women should not keep their button open till upper two.

Anything that you wear with buttons should be kept open only to upper two buttons.

3. Wearing 3-4 accessories in one look is more.

It is advisable to skip necklace but you can go with any two.

4. Your tie should be tied in an appropriate manner.

Tie up your tie that will in proportion and the correct proportion would be the tip of the tie touching slightly below the waist.

5. Do not go with mini skirt and cleavage both, opt any one.

A mini skirt is sexy and a little cleavage is classy. But obviously, both don’t go together as it becomes too vulgar then.

6. Do not wear tie.

Some rules are really important that if you will not follow that will destroy your personality, so forget tie on shirt without jacket.

7. Avoid cleavage in office.

More than 4 inches deeper neck can depict you as attention seeker and impact negatively to your personality.

8. Shirt should always complement your belt.

Personality gives the first impression, so if your shirt will not complement you belt then this look will be incomplete.

9. Your shoes and belt should be of same color.

This is like fashion’s bible rule so wearing an unmatched shoes and belt will dis balance your attire.

10. There should be no tags on your attire.

Showing tags will let people judge you and its sure that you don’t want to show the prices of you dresses, so remove your tags.

11. Your naked legs should not reveal while you are sitting.

So wear long socks, ankle length wont work.

12. Spaghetti’s straps should not fall according to the formal rules.

You should wear those tops in which your spaghetti straps do not fall.


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